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Idiots return for Series Two of Reality Entertainment show on Boxing Day



With series one behind them, it is now time for them to continue on their journeys to series two. That’s right, the four idiots are returning to a small screen near you for another season of episodes.

If you haven’t heard of the Four Idiots they are a group of friends who go on “crazy adventures and take on ridiculous challenges” as written on their Facebook page. Their first series received over 13,000 views and aired on Beach Hut TV which has recently closed with the promise of a new streaming platform launching in 2020.

The Four Idiots have taken to YouTube to continue their adventures and all of series 1 can also be viewed there.

Want to see what they have in store for series two? Watch their official trailer here:

We sat down with David Warren, one of the Four Idiots to talk about Series Two and what he thinks of it:

What is new and different from Series 1?

With series two we’ve refined the show to be specifically about travel, holidays and budget getaways, so everything is a bit more consistent. We’ve also got rid of the studio segments cus they were hilariously awkward.

What do you get up to?

We’re really revolutionizing what our viewers can do themselves with their own friend group. For the series we’ve only filmed in a few countries (mostly the UK), but it feels like we’ve been all over the world – Asia, America, Africa – I guess you’ll have to see why but it’ll all make sense. Put it this way, there are some amazing places close to home that are pretty unheard of.

Have you got any surprises in store?

There are quite a few surprises along the way, certainly with the culture we experience. The main surprise for us whilst filming is that a hospital has featured in the series for the first time ever… I mean it was inevitably going to happen at some point.

Have you got any final words?

If you want budget ideas which revolve around travel and culture, give the series a watch. The production quality is better and it’s much more engaging to watch. The only thing that’s still a problem now is the fact that there’s about 6 of us, but I guess at this point we’re just too idiotic to even count.

If you want to watch the new series of Four Idiots you can by subscribing to their YouTube channel by clicking here. Don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts on this new series to our account @newscast_ne.