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Litterbugs having to splash the cash to pay the price



Over £1,500 is to be paid in littering fines after five people refused to pay an initial fixed penalty notice.

North Tyneside Council took the littering and dog fouling offences before North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court when the fixed penalty notices issued by the council were not paid by the 14-day deadline.

As a result of this, the five were prosecuted and issued fines of £1,660, including one offender ordered to pay a total of £500. They would have only paid £400 if they had paid within the required timescale.

Cllr Carl Johnson, cabinet member with responsibility for the Environment, said: “Taking care of our environment is one of our top priorities as a council and we know that the vast majority of our residents are supportive of this and take responsibility for their litter and their pets.

“We won’t allow this minority of people who don’t take pride in their area to ruin it for the rest of our residents, so to see this kind of action taken against them is fantastic.

“If you do end up getting a fixed penalty notice, it is always in your best interests to pay it before it gets to this stage. Otherwise, you will end up paying a lot more than the initial fine.”

As part of the council’s Our North Tyneside Plan 2018-2021, the authority has made a commitment to ensuring that the environment is clean, green and healthy.

For more information on fixed penalty notices and the council’s work to stop littering, visit and search for ‘littering’.